My Story/Resume

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 My Story


 I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago.   I grew up in a “Christian” home and was raised in a Baptist church.  It was during my younger years that I was taught much about God, the Bible and all the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the day.  Although I didn’t understand everything, I knew that I wanted to have a relationship with God. 

Oh I heard about the “free” gift of “grace” and all, but I still felt like I had to win God’s approval, and I knew that I fell very short.   So I kept doing all the “right” things, but never really felt or understood the connection.  After going to a large High School in Chicago, and attending a great Student Ministry where Dann Spader showed us the way in reaching students, I went to Moody Bible Institute like all of us in the youth group did.  Once again I was into the practice of the “externals” but I didn’t know about the internal things.  There I failed and began to realize the issues of my heart were not being dealt with. 

I went on to work in the electrical field for several years as a union electrician.  It was during this time that I began to really understand how “off the mark” how lonely and empty I was inside.  I began to desire a relationship with God again, but didn’t really know what that meant.  I just knew that I was very empty, and with a deep despair. A friend of mine asked me to come and visit him so I hopped on my motorcycle for a visit.  After a week with my friend and his family, I began to seek after God.  I knew that it was to time to at least pray to Him.  On the ride back from my friends, a cable broke on my bike.  When I pulled over to fix it, I just knelt down to pray and asked God to forgive me for all my junk I had done, and still wanted to do.  I told God that If “Jesus was real, and if He was who he said He was, then I would believe in Him.”   At least I would believe that He would have to change me from the inside.  That I believe is the day I came to know Christ in a very personal way. 

I began to see Him do new things inside, which changed the way I lived.   Several months later as I was searching for the “what” to do with this new relationship with Christ.  Another friend, mentor, asked me to come to Colorado and he would disciple me.  I packed up a duffle bag, hopped on my motorcycle and headed to Colorado from my home in Chicago.  I haven’t been home since.  (Except to visit)  There, God began to move me toward ministry.  I entered Colorado Christian College, and began a life of ministry.  Since then, I have always had a heart for reaching people with the truth of the Gospel. I believe in and practice being intentional, and being relational in the sharing of the Gospel, knowing that the Gospel is for all to hear and for all to believe.   

Today, a little over twenty years since the move to Colorado, marrying Marcie, having two awesome boys, serving in three churches as youth pastor, one as the senior pastor, I am at my “halftime”.  I am more passionate about reaching people, more passionate about equipping the local church for ministry living, and more desirous of what and how God will use me and my family for and in His Kingdom.  My time as a senior pastor has helped in a significant way to see the local church as the vehicle, the tool in which God is using to reach a lost culture.  My faith in this time has had its bruising and enriching.  I believe that after these past 20 years of ministry the best is yet to come.  My desire is to make the next 25-35 years of serving and ministering even more significant! 2 Timothy 1.12b/ Psalm 40


            I have dedicated my adult life to serving and ministering to others within local churches, the business world, schools, youth camps, colleges, civic organizations and many other venues.  I fill pulpits and podiums throughout the Midwest as a guest speaker.  I have been a student ministries pastor and a senior pastor.  I have led bible studies and classes for youth and people of all ages.  I have built relationships with and served the unchurched by building an adult hockey team, leading chapel for a Jr. hockey team and by building relationships with people throughout my community.  God has given me the gift and desire to reach and serve others by living as an authentic follower of Christ. 


To use my passion for serving, and my unique combination of communication, leadership, teaching, evangelism, and vision casting skills to train and equip students and adults to become great commission people in their church, marketplace and interpersonal relationships.  I am driven by my passion for reaching students and adults, developing them to become authentic followers of Christ.  I am postured to take my first 20 years of ministry to a church that desires to have veteran leader, is wise in working with leaders, developing, and implementing vision so that the next 25 years of ministry will be effective and long lasting for the local church, and the Kingdom of God.


Community Ministry (current and past):

  • Chaplain for Queen City Steam Jr. Hockey team
  • Speaker for Saturday night services at Landmark Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Guest/interim speaker Sunday mornings services at Quest Community Church in Mason, Ohio.
  • Speaker and Spiritual Director for Hockey Ministries International Hockey Camp in Pennsylvania (over 200 hockey players, including professional hockey players).
  • Pulpit fill for churches in Ohio, Illinois, and Nebraska.
  • Guest speaker at Rotary Clubs, High School Baccalaureates, Seminars, Cedarville College Youth Ministry classes.
  • Camp speaker at Beulah Beach, Ohio (over 300 students) Pine Trail Camp in Michigan (over 200 students) and Camp Rivercrest, Nebraska.
  • Guest speaker for Gen. X events at Fairhaven Church and when called upon by church.
  • Helped many small churches build student ministries that grow through discipleship and effective evangelism

If you would like my resume please email me: